First 4 Fruit – iFiniti Case Study

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FIRST 4 FRUIT have been using IFiniti Secondary Wholesaler Version since 2014. Chris Lundy From First4Fruit wrote the following: –

First4fruit Ltd has been established as a wholesaler since 1990 after 25 years in retailing. Since then we have steadily expanded our areas of delivery and our range of produce. The company is a fourth-generation business, having withstood the test of time by maintaining the highest quality standards. Our warehouse is based on the north coast of Ireland. We deliver daily to the catering and retail trade in the north and south of Ireland.

We were looking for a flexible solution that could help grow our business and make it run more efficiently. Mark came over to give me a demonstration on IFiniti software and explain the benefits. I was impressed with the software and the support offered.

I wanted a solution that offered full stock control and a sales pricing function that was accurate and user friendly.

Once I decided to move to IFiniti the changeover happened a lot quicker than expected. The system I was then using had crashed and because they didn’t offer any emergency backup I needed IFiniti to get the new system working the next day. They sent a member of the team over on the next flight and I was using the system the next day. I was very impressed and glad I made the decision to use Infiniti.

The business is now more streamlined and we have a very accurate stock control. We have a number of management reports available to help maximise sales.

Key Benefits

• More efficient and sales order processing.
• Ongoing support at your fingertips.
• Helps streamline operations.
• Adaptable to specific customer needs.
• Helps achieve more effective stock control.
• Very user-friendly.
• Eliminate unnecessary costs from business.
• Greater accuracy in weighing and ticketing.
• Helps maximise profits.
• Protection from cyber attacks.
• Managed backups and online security.

Chris Lundy From First for Fruit Coleraine Ireland

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FIRST 4 FRUIT have been using IFiniti Secondary Wholesaler Version since 2014. Chris Lundy from...