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iFiniti Software has been designed in the Vale of Evesham surrounded by many of the UK’s leading growers and distributors of fresh produce. iFiniti is built with market-leading specialist tools by our team of skilled software developers, some of whom have been involved with the fresh produce industry for many years.

iFiniti comes in several versions which collectively covers the whole spectrum. Whichever version suits your business will potentially lead to cost and efficiency savings far exceeding its cost.

Which iFiniti Product is Right for Me?

iFiniti Importer Software

Choose this version if you:

  • Import a limited range of fresh produce in large quantities.
  • Incur substantial additional cost such as airline or freight charges, DEFRA charges etc.
  • Incur further storage and distribution charges using your own or third-party haulage.
  • Your customers are supermarkets, primary wholesalers and market wholesalers.
  • You employ telephone sales staff to obtain orders sometimes on commission.
  • You keep stock in one or more of your own or third-party cold stores around the UK.

View iFiniti Importer

iFiniti Primary Wholesaler Software

Choose this version if you:

  • You sell a substantial range of both locally grown and imported fresh produce.
  • Your customers are secondary wholesalers and market wholesalers.
  • You need to be able to also sell product you don’t have in stock but have a reasonable expectation of being able to source it locally.
  • You employ telephone sales staff to obtain orders sometimes on commission.
  • You deliver orders using your own or a third party fresh produce logistics company.

Primary Wholesaler

iFiniti Secondary Wholesaler Software

Choose this version if:

  • You Deliver to your customers using vans.
  • Potentially sell the same item by the box, as individual items or by weight.
  • Your customers are small retailers, restaurants, hotels, schools and nursing homes etc.
  • Mostly receive orders by voice mail or telephone from regular customers.

Secondary Wholesaler

iFiniti Market Wholesaler Software

Choose this version if you:

  • Sell a wide range of fresh produce from a stand within one of the UK’s or
  • Irelands Wholesale Markets.
  • Employ sales staff who serve customers face to face.
  • Your customers normally take their purchases away with them.
  • You would like your sales staff to use tablets instead of order books.

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iFiniti Logisitcs Software

Choose this version if you:

  • You provide a storage and haulage service to the fresh produce industry.
  • You want to maximise the income potential of your ambient and cold storage facility.
  • You want to maximise the income potential of your vehicles.
  • You want to be as efficient as possible.

iFiniti Logistics

iFiniti Software Features

Live Stock Control

You will always know exactly how much stock you have irrespective of whether you never sell less than a half pallet, only ever sell whole boxes or sometimes sell items each or by the kilo. There is even a wizard that prompts you what to order when.

Purchase Order Processing

iFiniti contains a full purchase order processing module which, as you would expect, integrates with the stock control module. Purchase orders are converted into Purchase Invoices via a reconciliation process and subsequently posted into a supported Purchase Ledger using a specially designed automated task.

Returned Goods Procedure

To ensure that returned goods or customer complaints are dealt with efficiently it is essential to have a fit for purpose returned goods/credit handling procedure. iFiniti contains just such a procedure. It doesn’t just handle it from the credit aspect it also handles it from the stock control traceability aspect as well.

Management Profitability Reports

A vital aspect of running a successful business is to know exactly who, where and what is generating your revenue. In this regard iFiniti contains numerous management reports. Profitability can be monitored by Customer, Supplier, Product, Vehicle and Customer Category.

Traceability/ BRC Accreditation

iFiniti customers have found obtaining and retaining BRC accreditation simple and straight forward. A strong feature of iFiniti is batch traceability. All purchases are fully accounted for and can be traced from the sale or purchase. If your business is thinking about bidding for local authority business such as schools you may well discover that you will not be considered unless you are able to prove traceability.


iFiniti contains the means for you to automatically keep customers informed about product availability and pricing. Both for items each customer buys on a regular basis and items that you think individual customers might be interested in but currently purchase elsewhere.

iFiniti Also Includes...

  • Sage Line 50 and Exchequer Integration.
  • Supports purchases in Sterling, Euros and Dollars.
  • Intrastat Handling on both Purchases and Sales.
  • Complies with Allergen Legislation.
  • Customer Contact Management.
  • Comprehensive Returned Goods Procedure.
  • Highly Flexible Pricing Structure.
  • Account Handler Management.
  • Global Product Order Switcher.
  • Email Customer Specific Price Lists.
  • User specific Roles.
  • Internal Network SMS Messaging.
  • Automatically create Purchase Invoices from Purchase Orders.
  • Email Invoices.

Why Choose iFiniti Software for your Business?

Purpose built fresh produce management software

iFiniti: Performance and reliability

iFiniti is the future of fresh produce management software designed to help fresh produce companies operate efficiently and profitably. iFiniti has a development team that have been building software for this industry for over 25 years. iFiniti is robust and reliable. Not surprising really because we use the same database engine that is used on some of the largest software projects in the world.

Harness the Power of Efficiency

iFiniti Modules
  • Marketing
  • Quality Control
  • Technical
  • Intrastat Returns
  • Management Reports
  • Sage50, Xero & Quickbooks Integration
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Stock Control
  • Traceability
  • Invoicing
  • Transport Costs Management

Essential Reporting

iFiniti includes Full Stock Control

iFiniti is the future of fresh produce management software designed to help fresh produce companies operate efficiently and profitably. iFiniti has a development team that have been building software for this industry for over 25 years.

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