Online Ordering

The Online Ordering system has been designed for catering wholesalers who want to step into a new space of technology, where you want to provide your customers with applications for their Android device, iOS device or Windows computer. Your customers login to your service with a username and password, and select from a list of your products what they want to order (this can be by case, kilo or each).

It has the potential for you to maximise your efficiency and throughput all whilst lowering costs associated with order processing, and more importantly almost completely mitigating the risk of order error.

Main Menu

With a clean and simple interface the customer has the ability to either input a new order by selecting from a list of products import/defined by you. Alternatively they can view their order history and even receive updates such as unavailable items.

The customer will only require 3 pieces of information to configure the app on their device, they will then link direct to your service, this is completely safe and secure as we only allow the customer to access the details to which you associate them.

Order Date

Convenience is key, and this app proves it. It is possible for your customer to submit an order for same day processing, or days/weeks in advance if they want to be prepared for an upcoming event.

You are still however in complete control, with the ability to define both the time that your same day processing cuts off as well as the amount of days in advance for which they can place orders.

Item Input

In the same way as our other software – iFiniti – handles order input, the app was built to have the same possibilities in mind, you are able to order by the case, kilo or individual item. Your customer can also mark items as favourites, making their repeat use even faster to find what they regularly want to order.

Item Basket

Your customer can refer back to the list of their items at any time in the basket, it gives them the ability to change or remove by swiping either left or right, as well as choose a different date for the order.

Orders List

This will list all of the individual’s customers order history, so they can quickly reference details such as price, order number and date of delivery. Pricing information such as VAT is also included.

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The Online Ordering Software Team offer full 24/7 ongoing support as part of our ongoing support package.

This includes all future updates and enhancements to Online Ordering. You only buy Online Ordering once and thereafter you get all the updates and enhancements as they are released. Our ongoing support also includes remote support, telephone support, email support and visits when necessary. We also back up all of your Online Ordering data in case a disaster occurs.

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