3CX Phone System

KeyFresh-IT have partnered with a market-leading PBX software provider to resell their services for both hosted and on-site PBX systems, we know and use this system so much we use it internally for our own phone system.

Providing you with access from a vast selection of devices such as lots of supported IP Phones as well as a desktop client, mobile phone apps for both Android and iOS and a browser client, you will never be short of a way to stay connected.

What makes 3CX the best for you?

3CX is a software-based PBX that can either be on-site or in the cloud, with our support you can have a wholesome solution fitted that takes care of all aspects of keeping you connected. It is device agnostic with a wide range of IP Phones supported, as well as apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

3CX gives you real control, everything from Hot-Desking to Web Conferencing for Voice and Video, to convenience including pre-configured templates for both supported SIP Trunk Providers as well as supported IP Phones. With 3CX you won’t get tied in to expensive proprietary purchases and confusing licensing contracts.


It is your choice what devices you want to support, with the included softphone and apps you don’t even need to have deskphones!


Ability to flex up and flex down both number of users and capability. The ability to support every user in every location.


Access to a comprehensive range of business telephony capabilities that continues to be extended.


You’re not stuck with proprietary hardware that is likely to become deprecated over time, invest in technology that will last you for years to come.


Comprehensive reporting on how your business communicates and capturing critical interactions.

Delivering Advanced Voice Services

3CX’s advanced functionality gives you a range of configuration options – all included with your chosen license package:

Auto-Attendant & Self-Service

Providing the ability to automate the management of inbound call using voice prompts to identify which services are required and directing the call appropriately.

  • Ability to direct call based on extension.
  • Ability to look-up individuals from the corporate directory.
  • Ability to route calls based on department or service required.
  • Ability to provide standard announcements.
  • Ability to offer self-service options.

Call Recording

With 3CX there is no need to worry about data retention and call monitoring/recording, at the press of a button you have all of the below:

  • Ability to define which inbound and outbound calls are recorded.
  • Ability to record both external and internal calls.
  • Recordings are retained as standard for 30 days (with option to extend).
  • Web-based GUI enables search and playback of calls.
  • Recordings can be downloaded and emailed.
  • Ability for batch download for archiving.
    Fully FSA compliant.

Call Reporting

The Call Reporting feature enables you to obtain a full picture of your inbound and outbound call history to enable you to manage your business communications.

  • Powerful GUI enables you to define and run reports, or even scheduling to receive them via email.
  • Comprehensive range of standard reports
  • Ability to tailor reports for your specific needs


With 3CX the extension is not tied to a physical device and as such organisations are able to easily and effectively enable hot-desking either within a single office or across multiple locations.

  • Users are able to sign-in to a device and automatically have this device inherit the
    properties of their extension.
  • Users are able to use softphone clients on their PC providing fully functional voice services in any location.
  • Users are able to utilise multiple devices with the ability for calls to be presented simultaneously to all devices.

Simply Better Business Telephony

3CX delivers one of the most comprehensive ranges of business communication features enabling you to empower each and every employee to be more productive and improve the way you engage with your customers, partners and suppliers.

  • Ability to define geographic and non-geographic numbers and individual user DDIs.
  • Manage call filtering including blocking specific prefixes and allow and deny lists.
  • Automated call forwarding when required to extensions, external numbers and mobiles.
  • Management of authorisation and account codes to enable project or customer billing.
  • Extension status monitoring and comprehensive reporting.
  • Option to take your number out of area/exchange.

  • Desktop application to view recent call history and a simple click to return call.
  • Full PBX capabilities including call hold, transfer, park and pick-up.
  • Support of Calling Line Identification Presentation for both internal and external calls.
  • Customisable number presentation.
  • Standard or customised music on hold
  • Do not disturb

  • Personal web portal enabling each user to manage their own telephony environment.
  • Click to dial from system wide and personal directories and support of speed dial.
  • Ability to support multiple devices and enable simultaneous ringing across devices.
  • Personal Conference Bridge enables third-party to be brought into a call.

  • Feature rich voicemail solution at both extension and system level.
  • Capability for users to personalise and configure their mailbox.
  • Unified messaging send voicemail into email inbox for easier operation.
  • Ability to retrieve messages remotely or forward messages as email.

Working with Keyfresh-IT

At Keyfresh-IT we combine a flair for innovation with a passion for service – our solutions are specifically designed to help SME Businesses and branch networks to communicate more effectively while reducing costs.

We believe in taking the time to truly understand every client’s unique business and their communication needs. We then work with them and our network of business partners to deliver high quality hosted telephony tailored to their requirements delivering real value.


Our experience in deploying 3CX for clients across many industry sectors enables us to add value through advising on best practice. We can guide you on what works best for businesses like yours and how you can maximise the value of the new capabilities that a PBX delivers for you.


At Keyfresh-IT we are focused on providing an end-to-end solution – from your connection to the public telephone network right the way through to the telephones on your employees’ desks. Our experience and expertise in VoIP is unrivalled and this enables us to seamlessly transition you to a 3CX installation and deliver the capabilities that you need to each and every user.


We believe that the support we offer is second to none and pride ourselves on being accessible and responsive to our clients. With a huge network of support services starting with us and extending to thousands of 3CX users on their community forums, and direct contact with 3CX technical support where the issue warrants it you will never be left without an answer.

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